The Source – A workshop for 2nd to 4th Year Vinod Doshi- COEP Merit Scholars

After the grand success of our last workshop on 'Theatre and Self-expression' and in an attempt to go a step ahead in our overall development of our Vinod Doshi- COEP Merit Scholars, the Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation organised another interesting workshop for its Scholars called "The source" with an aim to empower the scholars with skills that will be useful in their day to day life, both personally as well as academically.

Background of the Workshop:

Every game has its own rules. Life has too. We need to learn the Laws of Life and align ourselves to it. The objective of this workshop was to learn 7 Thought Rules to achieve ones vision.

At the end of this workshop, we believe the scholars walked away with a clear idea of what they want to create in thier life and how they will achieve it by aligning thier thoughts, feelings, actions and words. The Scholars also learnt about the importance of positive thinking versus how negative thoughts and feelings hinder ones everyday functioning and performance.

Learning in the workshop happened through the following techniques:
  • Videos
  • Group discussions
  • Games
  • Exercises
  • Presentations

About the Trainer:

Ravi, is a certified NLP (Neuro - Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. U.S.A. He holds certification in Train The Trainer for Voice and Accent. He is also certified in Speed Reading by NLP India and Mind map. He has a background of computer engineering, Management and sports.