Ambarish Patki, 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering Student, College of Engineering Pune and Vinod Doshi – COEP Merit Scholar:
“Just being awarded the Vinod & Saryu Doshi COEP Merit scholarship is an achievement in COEP” says Ambarish.

Punit Jha, Saryu Doshi Post Graduate Fellowship Recipient 2016:
Punit Kumar Jha, originally from Dewapur, a village in Bihar, joined the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA for a PhD in Physical Chemistry.
"The journey to getting a PhD position at a top research university in the USA not only requires hard work and dedication to one's course work and research but also a lot of funds.

Given that living in the USA is very expensive, many hardworking and well qualified students find it very difficult to arrange funds to travel and live here. Due to my good academic record I was able to get full tuition fee waiver and scholarship but paying the university application fees, booking flight tickets, the cost of an USA VISA fee and supporting myself initially for a month here was very difficult.

Coming from a lower middle class farmer's family from Bihar, I did not have the resources to arrange for 3-4 lakh rupees which was required. Even getting a bank loan was impossible as I did not have any guarantor or mortgaging ability.

I was struggling to arrange these funds.

The VSDF scholarship was a bridge between getting an acceptance to a university and actually being able to attend the university in the USA. Without this support, fulfilling my dream of obtaining a doctorate was very difficult" says Punit.

Bharat Hasani, Vinod Doshi – COEP Merit Scholar, Alumni:
Bharat Hasani completed his Masters of Science in Electrical and Information Technology from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. He did his specialization in Automation and Energy.
“I was a recipient of Vinod Doshi Scholarship during my bachelors in College of Engineering Pune and I would really like to say thanks a lot (I know, the words are not enough). I have completed my Masters from Germany and just started working.

All this would not have been accomplished without the support from such a great foundation. Thanks to all the kind people working under this foundation, and the owners who are supporting the trust financially, in fulfilling and enhancing the less fortunate students life both financially and mentally. I would have never thought of my Masters, if I would have had no support”
says Bharat.

Poonam Kawade Vinod Doshi – COEP Merit Scholar, Alumni:
“My proudest moment to date has been graduating as a civil engineer.
But my journey is not yet complete....
I still have to struggle to achieve my goals and to fulfill my parent's dreams..
A big thank you to the Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation for all the support and guidance.
I feel lucky to be a part of this family. ”

- Poonam Kawade, 2017 graduating batch, College of Engineering, Pune VSDF Scholar.

Ashish Kulkarni Vinod Doshi – COEP Merit Scholar, Alumni:
“As I start my journey as a professional in a reputed MNC after completing graduation from COEP, I would like to thank Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation for helping me and many others like me in achieving their dreams” says Ashish.