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A Vinod Doshi-CoEP Merit Scholar 2012
“I am the first girl inmy family to
go to an engineering college. After
completing a degree in Computer
Engineering, I will pursuemy
Masters froma U.S. University
—theVinod & Saryu Doshi
Foundation gaveme a chance
to dreambig.”
chitra watwani
vinod doshi
coep merit
25 million donated towards modernising the140-
year-old Production Engineering Laboratory.
The workshop is equipped with technologically
advanced CNC machines, some of which have been
provided by the Machine Tool Division at Premier Ltd.
Donated a mechanical robot for industrial application
and design study.
Modernisation of the Production
Engineering Laboratory at the
college of engineering Pune, (C
Students of CoEP, Pune working at the
production engineering laboratory
The graduating class of the Vinod Doshi-CoEP Merit Scholarship, 2013–14
10 annual full scholarships in the past 5 years for students with strong academic credentials
but with severe financial constraints.
40 students given scholarships so far.
Each scholarship, of
0.25 million, pays for the student’s entire tuition fee, lodging, boarding
and course material during the 4-year degree programme.
All scholars are assured fully paid summer internships for all the 4 years at Premier Ltd.
A confirmed job after graduation at Premier Ltd. but with no obligation to join
Benefits for scholars include:
Mentoring opportunities
Field trips
Industry exposure
A free new laptop to a first year scholar with the highest Grade Point Average (GPA).
Vinod Doshi-C
EP Merit Scholarship
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