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“I want to become a doctor and serve poor children.”
neha patel
name changed
a beneficiary of
apne aap women
s collective
udaan programme
supported by
the vinod
saryu doshi
Margaret Mascarenhas and Swatee Nair, initiators of the Blue Shores Art Project
Paintings from inmates who participated in the Blue Shores Prison Art Project
blue shores Prison
art project
A unique prison art pilot programme
conducted at the Central Aguada jail
in Goa to give a pre-selected group
of inmates a chance to execute
their prison terms in a meaningful
and creative way.
It established the idea that the
prison is as much about reform
as it is about punishment by
documenting positive behavioural
changes and exploring the
implications of this experiment.
“I believe in second chances.”
maitreya doshi
saryu doshi
Dr. Mohan Agashe, actor and theatre personality, planting the
sapling for the Foundation’s tree planting initiative in
Chinchwad, Pune
Apne Aap Womens’
Collective (AAWC)
Associated with Apne AapWomen’s
Collective (AAWC) — an NGO working with
marginalised women and their children
since 2007.
Funds provided for medical check-up
camps for toddlers between ages 2 and
6 and education and vocational skills for
older children.
Jain Community Service
5-year partnership with the Ahimsa Prasarak
Trust, Mumbai — a public charity trust with
an aim to spread education through book
donations, fellowships and scholarships.
Funded the publishing of ‘Swanand
Vidyamruit’, a book on Jain history and
architecture in Marathi and Sanskrit.
Education audiology
& research society for
hearing impaired infants
and children
Partnered with the Education Audiology
& Research for Hearing Impaired Infants
and Children to provide more than 50
economically disadvantaged deaf children
with hearing aids.
Environmental Initiatives
Collaborated with the Tree Public Foundation,
an environmental NGO, to plant 12,000 trees
near Premier Ltd.’s factory in Chinchwad, Pune.
Supported a doctorate research in botanical
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