About the Event

The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation collaborates with Literature Live! Evenings present a book launch of Devdutt Pattanaik's new book 'my Gita' on 7th January 2016

Event Speakers
Devdutt Pattanaik

Devdutt Pattanaik is a renowned author, mythologist, and leadership consultant, whose work focuses on deriving management insights from mythology to reveal a very Indian approach to modern business. He has authored over 30 books, many of them best-sellers like Myth = Mithya, Business Sutra, The Pregnant King, and Jaya: An illustrated retelling of the Mahabharata.

Many of his books have been translated in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and Marathi. Trained in medicine, Devdutt spent 15 years in the healthcare industry, with companies such as Apollo Health Street and Sanofi Aventis, before joining Ernst & Young as Business Advisor. All this while, he continued to study and write on mythological stories and symbols, drawing rich insights about business, leadership, and modern life. His columns on management and culture appear regularly in The Economic Times (Corporate Dossier supplement), Mid-Day, Speaking Tree and the DailyO (India Today website).

He was also featured in a special series called "Business Sutra" on CNBC TV and CNBC Awaaz, where his ideas on the intersection between business and mythology were discussed extensively. His TED talk is one of the most viewed talks with over a million views.

Devdutt was the Chief Belief Officer of Future Group and is now a sought-after public speaker and culture consultant for corporations and business leaders. He consults Reliance on matters related to culture and Star TV on various mythological serials. Devdutt's parents migrated from Odisha to Mumbai over 50 years ago. He was born and educated in Mumbai, and he lives in Mumbai. He is a Mumbaikar who speaks English, Hindi, Odiya and Marathi. He has two sisters, and two nephews.

Mythology Books
1. Shiva – An Introduction (1997)
2. Vishnu – An Introduction (1999)
3. Devi – An Introduction (2000)
4. The Goddess in India (2000)
5. Hanuman – An Introduction (2001)
6. Man Who Was A Woman (2002)
7. Lakshmi – An Introduction (2003)
8. Indian Mythology (2003)
9. Shiva to Shankara (2006)
10. Myth = Mithya (a handbook of Hindu Mythology) (2006)
11. The Book of Ram (2009)
12. 7 Secrets of Hindu Calendar Art (2009)
13. Jaya (illustrated retelling of Mahabharata) (2010)
14. 99 Thoughts on Ganesha (2011)
15. 7 Secrets of Vishnu (2011)
16. 7 Secrets of Shiva (2011)
17. Business Sutra (2013)
18. Sita (illustrated retelling of Ramayana) (2013)
19. 7 Secrets of the Goddess (2014)
20. Shikhandi and other tales they don't tell us (2014)

The Pregnant King (2008)

Children Books
1. Hanuman's Ramayana (2010)
2. Gauri and The Talking Cow (2011)
3. Devlok Omnibus (2011)
Indra Finds Happiness (2011)
An Identity Card for Krishna (2011)
Saraswati's Secret River (2011)
Kama v/s Yama (2011)
Shiva Plays Dumb Charades (2011)
4. Fun in Devlok Omnibus (2014)
5. Pashu: Animals in Hindu Mythology (2014)